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Finding Orders

After you open the order book a search form is opened. With the aid of this form you can search order lines in the order book for search terms.

On the right beside the search form the search results are displayed in All results. You can see how many orders there are in your order book in total.

Quick starts displayed on the left with three buttons to choose from.These buttons offer the possibility to access recent order positions specifically:
  • Most recently processed orders: shows all orders in descending order
  • Entered orders: all order positions with the order status „entered“
  • Orders sent today: all order positions with the order status „sent“ and today’s date = order date
By clicking on one of the saved search queries the search will be effected immediately.

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You can type terms in several fields (e. g. in Customer, Order status, Supplier, Order date, Order reference) or select terms from the index. The terms are automatically linked so that only the lines that meet all the selection criteria entered are displayed.

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