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Entering or editing order data

If you have selected one or more titles in the title window and clickedOrder, these titles are copied to the Standard order dialog box.

Initially the Quantity field contains 1. If necessary change the number of copies.

The check box in the number check column, No.ok, is only selected if you have entered an ISBN. You can also order titles without a number check.

To identify your order on the delivery note, the book label and, if necessary, also the order slip, enter for instance the customer name or the code for the originator of the order in the Order reference field (do not use any special characters).

If you want to use different backorder modalities to those set for you by default, select a backorder ID in the Backorder field.

O stands for optimised forwarding. This means that the order is automatically forwarded to the publisher via the ordering organisation if the title is not available at the wholesaler's. Titles with the information numbers 11, 12, 15, 21, 25, 62, 80 are temporarily out of print and and can be backordered; Orders with these information numbers are therefore not forwarded to the publisher.

The table can also be supplemented with the entry of further title numbers, ISBNs, EANs or series numbers. 

You can remove titles that in end you decide you do not want to order by clicking the X at the extreme right of the row.

Click Save order and the order is saved in the order book.

The empty order form appears again and you can enter further orders. The settings in the header fields (e. g. supplier, customer data etc.) are retained.

Using Cancel you can change back to the page from which you opened the ordering process.

If you do not want to enter further orders you can also return to this page by clicking Save order and exit.

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