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Export titles

You can export title data as a CSV file, to a KVP program or to another destination.

  • Select in the search result, in the memory list or in a saved list the check boxes for the titles for which you want to export the data.

  • On the Print and export menu select the Export titles command.

    The Export settings dialog box opens.

CSV file

  • Select the Direct CSV-Export to Excel option.

    The CSV file is created, you can then open the file or save it. If you have Microsoft Excel installed on your PC, you can open the file immediately, otherwise save it on your PC.

Data transfer to KVP program

  • Select the Data transfer to KVP programme option.

    Then select the format, whether you also want to export additional text, the field tag between the data and whether the export is to be made using the old or new commodity group system.

Export to

  • Then select the destination of the export. You can export the data to the Clipboard, save the data in a file or you pass the data directly to a DDE application.

The DDE application must have a corresponding software interface!

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